Unique food truck

Specialized Food truck builders

Specialized professionals

We are leaders in designing / building / manufacturing / repairing food trucks and mobile kitchens in Quebec.

Custom solutions

We offer you a solution for YOUR needs, involving you in the process, and we make sure that your highest expectations are met.

Well thought out design

A workspace designed and built to maximize production in the kitchen, movement of the staff and storage, with clean lines for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Quality build

Constructed according to the laws and regulations of various agencies, our trucks are strong and durable ensuring their longevity and a greater resale value for your food truck or mobile kitchen.

Once upon a time… a Unique story

Upon arrival of the first street food trucks in Montreal, such as the Grumman 78 and Lucky’s truck, we monitored and witnessed the evolution of the food truck trend. Thus, we have seen how difficult it is for restaurants to maintain and work within a food truck due to some internal misconfiguration, ineffective settings, inadequate equipment, mechanical failures and other problems related to a poor truck conception. Surely these complications bring severe income losses, a source of unnecessary stress and constant worry for entrepreneurs trying to be cooks, not mechanics. This is why Pascal Rousseau, president of Explorer transportation, in business for more than 12 years and owning more than 100 trucks and trailers, decided in 2012 to create a new division: Unique Food Truck, specializing in the design and construction of food trucks. At Unique Food Truck, we are committed to offer the best help, advice and resources to entrepreneurs in this new field of mobile catering and we are invested to see this industry thrive in the city of Montreal. We are well equipped to help and assist you in turning your food truck project into a success!

Our mission:

  • Help the mobile restaurateurs
    • by building solid, durable food trucks and mobile kitchens, reliable and ergonomic workstations, thus allowing restaurateurs to increase their productivity and therefore their income, and focus on what they do best: food.
  • Making the Unique Food Truck brand THE go to name for food trucks in North America.
    • with our expertise, our pride in work well done and the satisfaction of our customers