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Frequently asked questions

Your mobile products/services

The sky is the limit! We can configure any vehicle for any type of product/service. A few ideas: Utility services (plumbing, electrical), Estheticians, Hair dressers, Pet groomers, Bike repair, Eye wear, Medical clinic, Clothing store, Educational services, Flower shop, and of course Food service etc.

While this is at your discretion we do recommend keeping it simple and offer a streamlined menu that will not keep your customers waiting around too long.

The menu is the start to everything! Once we know what you want to offer we can put together an equipment list then work on a layout that will work with the equipment you’d require.

about the vehicle

New is always the best to start off with as you will have years of use and a full dealer warranty, especially if you plan to drive long distances, but there is budget to keep in mind. We perform a full 180 point inspection on all used vehicles to ensure they are mechanically sound prior to commencing any renovations.

This depends mainly on where you plan to operate. If you will be parked 100% of the time then a trailer would be perfect. If you want to participate in various fairs/festivals, events or even do catering then a truck gives you much easier mobility and you do not need a second vehicle to move it from one location to another.

Yes, depending on the make/model and type of condition it is in. We would complete a full walk through evaluation of the unit to confirm if it is efficient as a foundation for your project.

This requires a calculation and can’t just be guessed. The first place to start is listing all the equipment that would be necessary then drawing up a rough layout – based on the placement of the equipment /counter space needed / ideal work flow etc. this will define the size of vehicle that would be needed.


Trucks can be between 12 – 24 feet long and about 8 feet wide. Trailers are the same in width but can go up to 40′! The best way to answer this is to have a complete list of equipment and start laying it out. Also think about storage space. An extra 2-4′ could give you the ability to operate for longer without having to stock back up!

Depending the payload & budget – Diesel trucks are more costly to purchase and repair, but do have longer lifespans than gas and use less fuel.

We do have a couple of trucks we keep for rental purposes within the province of Quebec. Rental term is for a minimum of 1 (one) month. Various options for equipment and branding (wrap).

about the process

It’s always important to feel comfortable with the manufacturer you select to complete your build out. Look for the leaders in the industry, check the finishes, quality and customer service to put you at ease throughout the whole process and even long after!

Typically a build out takes 8-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project and the amount of revisions performed.

This depends on the type of truck (gas or diesel) as well as how much power would be required based on the electrical load. We have a master electrician who calculates each project to make sure the generator chosen is sufficient to power everything without the worry of tripping or power surges.

We do! We can work with graphic files that the customer provides or can work with our customer to create a graphic wrap that will WOW! We do all wrapping in-house.

We always recommend vinyl wrapping. Our wraps are installed in-house and come with a 3 year guarantee and a 5 year guarantee against discoloration. Paint wares out a lot faster, starts to chip and fade due to weather conditions.

This means that everything is included. Once we are finished with your unit, we hand you the keys and you can go set up and start selling that same day (provided certifications and approvals have been taken care of).

Yes! We ensure all our vehicles conform to the local codes and regulations where you plan to operate your mobile unit. We set you up for instant onsite approval from health department, electical and gas inspections.

The vehicle is set up with fully certified equipment (NSF, CE, ETL, CA, UL , CSA etc) and conforms to the codes and regulations from the province/state in which you will be operating (pumbing set up / propane regulator etc). Within QC we can have the inspections/certifications completed in-house. Outside of Quebec it is just a matter of arranging an appointment with you local electical, gas and health departments for them to come to inspect and give you a certificate of approval. We have never been refused!

Absolutely! We have over 12 years of experience in the transport industry so delivery is not a problem at all for us!

about customer service

We provide A-Z service from the first phone call inquiry regarding your project to long after! Whether it’s for regular maintenance checkups, repairs, modifications, storage, troubleshooting or you just want to touch base and let us know how everything is going. We have you supported always! We believe in partnerships, not just transactions!

Each piece of equipment comes with its own manufacturer warranty. Upon pick up of your unit you will receive a customer binder with includes all the pertinent information on your equipment, their warranties and who to call if there are any issues. Of course, we are also here to help facilitate and guide you!

Part of our A-Z service is providing full training on your vehicle prior to it leaving our shop so you can feel comfortable with confidently knowing you can set up/shut down and trouble shoot any issues that may arise with your unit.

about financing and payments

Parts and labour on custom fabrication (cabinets, counters, walls, floor, ceiling) is under warranty for 1 (one) year with Unique Food Truck. Repairs to any of the equipment/appliances installed within the vehicle is covered directly by the manufacturer’s warranty. New Trailer bodies have 5 (five) years for structural defects, 5 (five) years for suspension defects and 5 (five) years for perforation due to corrosion. New Trucks come with vehicle warranty directly through auto dealer. There are no warranties with used trucks.

This is a tricky question that we get asked a lot. As we do fully custom work and adapt to each of our clients specific needs and wants it depends on final selection of equipment, finishes, materials, add-ons etc. Depending on the project it can start at approximately $20,000 (small kiosk) and go to $200,000 (fully custom, brand new food truck with bells and whistles).

Aside from the build out costs (Truck, generator, equipment, electical, plumbing, interior & exterior finishes etc), once you are up and running there are event fees, permit fees, marketing/branding (menu, signs), employee salaries, POS hardward/software, rental of prep space (if required by your municipality), ingredients for your menu offering, fuel and general maintenance to name a few.

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