Our vehicles

Custom vehicles for all industries/enterprises at price points that meet your budget!

Food trucks & trailers

We have created three base vehicle models to start your mobile food project off right. Each vehicle model may be adjusted to meet custom needs/wants based off menu offerings

The Pacer

Pacer Truck
Pacer Trailer
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The Unique HE

unique he truck
Unique HE Trailer
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The Unique custom

unique custom truck
Unique custom trailer
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Retail/PROMOTIONAL vehicles

Brick and mortars can be financially prohibitive. Going mobile is a great solution, not to mention eye-catching! Whatever your product, we can customize a layout that works for you as well as your clientele!

Mobile service vehicles

Hit the road with a service vehicle! The convenience of being mobile while providing your clients a unique customer experience they will surely rave about!

Emergency & Disaster Relief vehicles

We are very proud of our Emergency Disaster Service vehicles! Building mobile units that bring relief to those in need. Interiors vary based on location of operations and the needs of each organization

Utility Vehicle Upfitting

Ladder racks, bulkheads, electrical power systems, transfer tanks, tool boxes, storage, accessories and much more. We offer custom configurations to enhance your vehicle. Unique can set you up and typically within 48 hours!

Authorized dealer & outfitter for Werner, Knaack, Weather Guard and LegendFleet

Complete custom vehicle

THE COMPLETE CUSTOM are for out-of-the-box ideas using any type of vehicle – Vintage vehicles, Vespas, bicycles, containers. Nothing is too outrageous for Unique – We make it happen!

Full certifications to feel confident in your vehicle from the start