How much does a food truck cost?

How much does a food truck cost ?

Get an estimated price and timeline for your custom food truck!

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The truck

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Kitchen equipment




OPTION Convection oven? yes


OPTION Mirror plate? ($$$) yes

Radiant broiler:

Steamer: yes

Food warmer: yes

Additional equipment? (please describe):

Refrigeration equipment

Refirgerated food prep table:

Vertical Refrigerator Traditional reach-in:

Vertical refrigerator 'Sliding glass door merchandiser:

Undercounter horizontal Refrigerator1:

OPTION drawers? ($$$) yes

Undercounter horizontal Refrigerator2:

OPTION drawers? ($$$) yes

Additional equipment? (please describe):

Freezing equipment

Vertical freezer Traditionel reach-in:

Vertical freezer Sliding glass door merchandiser:

Undercounter horizontal freezer:

OPTION drawer? ($$$) yes

Chest horizontal freezer:

Additional equipment? (please describe):



Wall and ceiling: Painted aluminum ($)Stainless steel ($$)

Under the counter cabinet (shelves included): OPTION doors? yes

Scale pan (under the counter) :

Stainless steel sink:

Handwash sink? yes

Overhead storage

Stainless steel shelf1:

Stainless steel shelf2:

Stainless steel shelf3:

Stainless steel Cabinet:

Interior options

Roof vents 20" X 26"

A/C: yes

A/C and heating:

Add heater unit? yes

Audio system BT x 4 speakers? yes


Stainless steel windows shelves? yes

Side panel LED lights? yes

Spotlight Roof LED projector? yes

External trunk? yes

Ladder to access the roof? yes

Graphics and vehicule paint

Desired color for the vehicule:

Full vehicule wrapping in vinyl? yes

Do you have your graphic design files? yes

Vehicule equipment options

Undermount generator Onan cummins:

Sure Start: charging system, battery isolator, auxiliary battery (your truck will start, no matter what!) yes

Chrome simulator wheels? yes

Rear Bumper Checker plate finish? yes

Front Bumper Checker plate finish? yes

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