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Food truck manufacturer, mechanics and repairs

Food truck and mobile kitchen manufacturer, mechanics and repairs by UNIQUE food truck

UNIQUE FOOD TRUCK offers custom design and fabrication for your Foodtruck,  trailer or mobile kitchen, mobile canteen, mobile unit or for any other need you may have for building and customizing  a vehicle. We include you in the process. And of course, we offer advice and recommendations from qualified experts.

Unique Food Truck gives you the “All inclusive – worry free” service for building your food truck or other mobile kitchen.

  • Meeting and assessing your needs:
    • Developing a work plan tailored to your needs;
    • Choosing kitchen equipment and/or other options;
    • Help and advice from our experts for the purchase of a new or used vehicle fitting with your specific needs, plus the mechanical inspection;
    • *Please allow 1 to 4 weeks for this assessment
  • Quotation
  • Mechanical repair of the truck (if needed)
  • Building and production *2 to 4 weeks after the signing of the quotation 
  • Exterior paint (if needed)   *1 week
  • Exterior graphics, lettering / full or partial covering of the truck or trailer (wrap) *1 week
  • Personalized delivery of your truck or trailer
  • After-sales customer service and warranty on kitchen equipment, truck, trailer and parts.

That’s our UNIQUE service

Included in the design and fabrication:

  • Interior design of the truck (“Floor plan”)
  • Stripping the truck or trailer (if required)
  • Reinforcing the structure (using aluminum)
  • Fire insulation
  • Making and installing interior lining (using stainless steel)
  • Creating/installing windows (with or without glass)
  • Installation of electrical system
  • Manufacturing / installing the hood and fan
  • Installing gas lines
  • Installing fire management (sprinklers, alarm)
  • Installation of flooring
  • Building / installing safe containers (generators, propane tanks …)
  • Manufacturing / installing custom countertops (aluminum surface and Stainless structures)
  • Installing the water system (hot water tank, gray water tank, drinking water tank, water pump, drain, etc.).
  • Make and fix interior and exterior shelves
  • Exterior graphics, lettering or « wrap »
  • Installing external options on the vehicule (bumpers, chrome wheels, spotlights and lights, etc.).
  • Delivery

We can modify, improve or customize your truck or your existing trailer.

All our projects are made  following these principles:

  • According to your needs
  • In respect to standards and regulations in the industry (NSF, CSA, CEC, MAPAQ, Ministries of Transport, SAAQ)
  • Maximizing space and the finding the best ergonomics
  • Ease of maintenance
  • The strength and durability (built to last)

We repair and fix food trucks and other mobile catering units, but we can also fix your commercial trucks

  • Maintenance and repair services for trucks and trailers
  • SAAQ inspections follow-up
  • Mobile unit service emergency on the road or in our garage open 24h/24,  7/7 for emergencies.

Vehicules sale

We have used trucks, new and used trailers in stock. Avoid bad surprises! All our vehicles are inspected, tested and certified by the SAAQ.

Catering and mobile kitchen equipment

Range hood, fryer, oven, cold table, refrigerator, etc.

Trucks and trailers parts of all kinds

Specialized parts for trucks brands:

– Cabin: Grumman Utility Master, Morgan Olson, Union City, etc. …
– Chassis: Workhorse, Freightliner, GMC, and Ford

Auxiliary Equipment

Generator, pumps,  hot water tank, drinking water tank or gray water tank, LED lights, battery charges, etc.

Trucks and trailers for sale and for rent!

Check out our inventory of trucks, trailers, but also parts, equipment… Always up to date!